This Season Promises Canucks Fans Two Chances at Winning a $1 Million Jackpot

No matter how the season goes for the Vancouver Canucks, 2 lucky fans could walk away with $1 million each thanks to some special 50/50 jackpots.

Their first shot at glory will be a $1 million minimum guaranteed jackpot draw on December 10, when the Canucks face the Toronto Maple Leafs.

And on February 22, when the NHL club plays the Boston Bruins, there will be a second (separate) draw.

The 50/50 jackpot draw isn’t entirely new, but was relaunched for the previous season (which started September 2018).

For that season, the record jackpot total had risen to $1.4 million during a Canucks vs LA Kings game, and the big win (for ticket holder Gordon Schimpf) was $706,000.

If you’re wondering why Schimpf only won about half, it’s because of how the 50/50 jackpot works. The winning ticket holder receives 50% of the pot, while the remaining 50% goes to the Canucks for Kids Fund.

Those funds are used to help numerous charities in British Columbia, such as the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Canucks Autism Network, and the Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

Interested parties are able to buy tickets for the 50/50 jackpot online, both in advance and during the relevant games.

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