PokerStars Launches New Spin and Go Flash Tournament Format

PokerStars recently launched its latest innovation – the Spin & Go Flash tournament format.

For players seeking the thrill of traditional online poker tournaments without the longer plays they often result in, it’s the perfect solution.

Spin & Go, an online poker tournament format exclusive to PokerStars, will be familiar to regulars.

Already a much quicker version of traditional online tournaments, Spin & Go features 3-seat tables and 3-minute rakes.

The new Spin & Go Flash format builds onto that foundation by making it even faster.

Both formats feature buy-ins of between $1 and $25, with randomly drawn prize pools.

Depending on the number of players participating in any given Spin & Go tournament, first prize can be anywhere from double to 1000-times the buy-in value.

The only difference in the 2 formats are the level speeds and starting stacks. For the original Spin & Go, this was 3 minutes with an opening stack of 500 chips.

With Spin & Go Flash, PokerStars reduced both to 1 minute and 300 chips (respectively).

This means Spin & Go regulars hoping to make a quicker jackpot will already be very familiar with the game.

And poker enthusiasts wanting to get a feel for online tournaments without a huge time-investment will certainly relish the opportunity afforded by Spin & Go Flash.

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