Brazil’s “baita” Plays Cards the Right Way & Walks with $466,106

A player from Brazil, known only by their online username “baita,” was crowned winner of the Natural8 $1,000,000 Guaranteed, $25,000 Buy-In Good Game Series #473.

At midnight (CET), the No Limit Hold’em poker game kicked off with just 24 players, but the action was already fierce by the time registration was an hour from closing.

A Canadian player named “PyramidOfSkulls” already had over 70,000 chips by Level 9, and entries (including a few re-entries) totalled 63 with just 15 minutes left on the registration clock.

As the game’s name implies, a total pool of $1,000,000 is guaranteed. But thanks to the total of 78 entries by the time registration closed, the prize pool was nearly double that – $1,911,000

“Baita,” who ended up winning first place with $466,105.57, remained dominant in the final table, pushing “PyramidOfSkulls” down to third place (with a walkaway winning of $270,466.12).

An interesting side note is that “PyramidOfSkulls” wasn’t the only Canadian to make the Top 11.

The final four-handed play was also dominated by players bearing the Maple Leaf, but “baita” was able to beat them all.

A total of 5 Canadians featured in the final count, including “ravenoustrashdog” at 10th place, tied with “PerfectDisguise” of Mexico (at 11th) for $56,813.45 each.

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