Anonymous Winner Bags Britain’s Biggest Ever Jackpot at £170 Million

Euromillions Jackpot

One lucky punter certainly had Lady Fortune smiling on him (or her) when they won £170,221,000 in the recent EuroMillions.

“This is the biggest win ever on the National Lottery and we look forward to helping the ticket-holder start to enjoy their newfound wealth,” said Andy Carter, who is the Senior Winners Advisor at the National Lottery.

And it really is an incredible win – not only the biggest on the National Lottery, but in Britain as a whole.

The previous record, from 2011, was jointly won by Colin and Chris Weir of Largs, Scotland, for about $161 million.

This £170+ million prize actually makes the ticket holder wealthier than Ed Sheeran, the popular pop star; Sheeran boasts an estimated net worth of about £160 million.

Camelot, the gambling company that sold the winning ticket, only revealed the prize total so far.

The winner chose to remain absolutely anonymous, which means for the time being it’s unknown whether the ticket holder is an individual or a syndicate, or even where the ticket was purchased.

But punters need not worry.

2019 has been incredibly lucky for the UK, as several major jackpots were won already: £114.9 million on New Year’s Day, £71 million in March, £35.2 million in April, and £1 million earlier this month.

This clearly means 2020 is shaping up to be even luckier – so don’t give up on those lottery dreams just yet.

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