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At we’re nuts about all things betting so we turned our passion into a blog where we write about all the latest goings on in the world of Poker, Sports and Casinos.

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Here’s the people working their fingers to the bone writing content to keep you in the loop about what’s going on in the world of betting.

Phil Davis

Phil Davis is our resident Poker nut. When he’s not playing poker or writing about it he enjoys watching old episodes of High Stakes Poker and traveling to poker tournaments around the world.

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Eric Hall

Eric Hall has an obsession with sports and trying to beat the bookies. When he’s not watching the game he likes to spend hist time thinking of new strategies to get an edge betting on sports and making a profit.

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Amy Foster is our go to girl for all things lottery and jackpots. Amy’s favorite past time is playing slots and trying to win a jackpot. Amy’s biggest win was in 2008 when she won $8,900.00 from a $1 bet!

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Sam Clark is our man for all things casino related. Sams favorite casino game is Blackjack because he finds it fascinating that you can get an edge against the casino playing it. What a rebel.

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