Impulse Software and IP Partners

3L supplies tools for high-performance multiprocessor software design for mixed DSP-FPGA systems. These tools efficiently handle much of the housekeeping associated with such applications, leaving developers free to concentrate on their algorithms.
Accelerated Computing Solutions advises banks and hedge funds on how to achieve competitive advantages with FPGAs, by significantly increasing the performance of their most time-critical systems.
ET International specializes in high-performance system software and application software solutions for parallel/distributed computing systems and devices.
Intilop Corporation is a pioneer in developing and providing "Customizable Silicon IP" in the domains of Networking, Network Security, data storage-SAN/NAS and embedded applications. Intilop solutions allow customers to differentiate their products and make quick enhancements.
Luxoft is a global leader and trusted partner in software application development. Luxoft adds value to technology product companies and IT-enabled enterprises by facilitating increased productivity, accelerated innovation, and optimized IT structure.
LynuxWorks products include RTOS, embedded operating systems, embedded Linux, DO-178B and tools for the most demanding real-time and embedded system applications.
NVG Associates, Inc.offers design services and custom products ranging from wearable supercomputers, to bioinformatics technologies, to artificial intelligence. NVG engineers and scientists are creating new computational and visualization paradigms.
Northwest Logic provides high-performance, easy-to-use IP cores for use in both FPGAs and ASICs.
Stone Ridge Technology is a Maryland USA based company that provides PCI-e form factor FPGA boards for high performance reconfigurable computing and network processing. The company also offers custom design services for boards and IP cores.
Synvective offers accelerated computing solutions and expert FPGA and GPU consulting services. Synvective Synective Labs offers professional services to help customers integrate and tailor solutions based on FPGAs and GPUs. Synvective has deep experience in breaking down complex algorithms, mapping the relevant parts to co-processors and finding optimal data flows to squeeze out hidden computational potential.
Synplicity is a leading supplier of synthesis, verification and physical implementation software solutions for FPGA and ASIC designers.
Tech-X Corporation provides high-performance solutions for computational plasma physics, used to model next generation particle accelerators or fusion devices. Tech-X conducts research and contract development using FPGA-based platforms and systems.
Velocytech is a Denmark based company providing FPGA boards and ASIC/FPGA IP, including MAC, Multi-connection TOE, and PCI/DMA that set the standard for reduced latency and increased throughput. Velocytech also provides design and implementation of complete network systems and custom IP components.