Faster development, faster results
"One year ago I was looking for high-level tools that could help us port existing complex algorithms to an FPGA. With Impulse C, not only was it possible to do this, but the development time was so fast that a second algorithm was implemented in the allocated time. Being able to use C code, work with floating point types, and improve our performance so quickly has changed our way of designing FPGA logic."

Francesco Ricci, Space Systems Developer, Xiphos Technologies, Inc.

Faster Performance, and Faster Time-to-Market

What do you need to accelerate? Here are some examples:

  • Image processing - Offload image filtering computations for real-time, streaming video processing.
  • Digital signal processing - Generate heavily pipelined, hardware-accelerated DSP applications.
  • Encryption and decryption algorithms - Quickly deploy new algorithms for secure communications.
  • Embedded processor acceleration - Create coprocessor accelerators to speed embedded computations by 100X or more.
  • Scientific computing - Take advantage of the massively parallel structures of FPGAs without describing low-level hardware.
  • Financial analytics - Achieve 50X or more acceleration of server-based applications for complex valuation and risk simulations.
  • And many more...
Use Impulse C to accelerate your embedded and high-performance computing applications