Enabling FPGAs for scientific programming
"As a computational scientist, I am used to thinking in terms of multiple processes communicating with each other. And I am used to developing software in C. However, I am not used to thinking in terms of hardware design. Impulse C provides the necessary abstraction of hardware and enables me to develop hardware accelerated software using familiar concepts."

Peter Messmer, Research Scientist, Tech-X Corporation

Accelerated Scientific Computing

Accelerate your scientific and engineering applications using Impulse C-to-FPGA tools. Use Impulse C for:

  • Plasma modeling
  • N-body simulations
  • Finite element analysis
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • High-energy physics
  • Weather modeling
  • Geophysics and astrophysics
  • And many others

Impulse works closely with high performance computing platform suppliers to provide hardware based workstations and blade servers that incorporate FPGAs as coprocessors. Impulse tools provide a C-language development environment that allows for rapid algorithm development, verification and optimization. The Impulse tools produce hardware-level algorithm descriptions that are easily incorporated into FPGA-based accelerator modules to dramatically improve processing speeds.

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