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"Impulse C has allowed us to create a complex, FPGA-accelerated financial application consisting of multiple parallel hardware processes. Our design time was significantly reduced, by at least five-fold. We were able to achieve over 60X speedup of Monte-Carlo simulations, with just three months of effort. The Impulse support team has provided timely and relevant help along the way."

Rishi Khan, Research Engineer, ET International

High Frequency Trading on FPGAs

FPGA hardware-accelerated computing is changing the way that financial data is analyzed. Minimize the time from market data input to decision and response, using FPGAs for faster processing. In the past, using FPGAs meant learning a new programming language and understanding low-level hardware concepts. Now, with Impulse C you can incorporate FPGAs into your network using familiar C-language programming methods. Use Impulse C to insert your custom, proprietary strategies into optimized hardware. Process and parse market feeds at up to line speeds. Perform complex analyses and make trading decisions more quickly.

Datasheet: Impulse Toolkit for High Frequency Trading Systems 

Product Brief: UDP Automated Trading Algorithm Acceleration Kit 

Impulse software, services and FPGA-based platforms are used by banks and trading houses worldwide. Impulse and its hardware platform partners provide:

  • Automated ticker-plants
  • Low- or zero-latency market data feed handling/arbitrage IP and appliances
  • Real-time risk analysis applications

Impulse provides software-to-FPGA tools, training, and intellectual property. Impulse also works with over 50 hardware and software partners and integrates complex turnkey applications. Impulse enables your team to develop hardware based algorithms and optimize your trading network. Our tools produce hardware-level algorithm descriptions that are easily incorporated into FPGA-based accelerators to dramatically improve processing speeds.

Press Releases

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Market Data Processing Solutions Minimize Latency via Modular Software and C-to-FPGA Compilation

Impulse offers customized solutions for high performance, low latency trading and risk analytics.

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