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Embedded Processor Acceleration

Use Impulse C to accelerate FPGA-embedded processors. Reduce development times by weeks or months, and eliminate the need for low level, HDL-based methods. Impulse C provides a bridge between your software and hardware development tools and methods. Iteratively optimize your C code for higher performance using interactive tools. The Impulse C compiler generates HDL outputs fully compatible with popular FPGA development tools.

Use Impulse C to accelerate:

  • Financial feed handling
  • Automotive telematics applications
  • Audio processing algorithms
  • High-definition video controllers
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Medical ultrasound equipment
  • Web-enabled embedded systems
  • Military and security applications
  • Xilinx MicroBlaze or PowerPC processors
  • Altera Nios II processors
  • FPGA-embedded Linux applications
  • Embedded processor peripherals
  • And many others

Design FPGA applications that include both processor-based software and FPGA-based hardware accelerators. Achieve application acceleration of 100X or more when compared to equivalent embedded processor implementations. Impulse C is fully compatible with Altera and Xilinx embedded processors and related development tools.

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