Impulse CoDeveloper C-to-FPGA for the Solarflare AOE Platforms

The Solarflare AOE Platform Support Package (PSP) is currently available and includes:
  • Support for SFA6902F using released FDK v2.1 (requires Quartus v12.1)
  • Generate modules ready for integration using Qsys
  • Simplified Qsys environment for direct access to NIC anf SFP MACs
  • Complete software export of software libraries and makefile for Linux target
  • User guide with step-by-step tutorials from CoDeveloper through Quartus and running on host

Latest PSP, Tutorials, and Documentation for Solarflare AOE Platforms:

    Solarflare AOE PSP Release Notes (.txt)
    Solarflare AOE PSP (*Password protected .zip)
    Quartus II Base Project for PSP (*Password protected .zip)
    Solarflare AOE PSP User Guide (PDF)
    Solarflare AOE PSP Ethernet MAC Counter Tutorial (PDF)
    Ethernet MAC Counter Example Used in Tutorial (.zip)
    All Solarflare AOE Related Files (includes previous releases)
   *Please contact or your local Impulse representative for passwords

Available Examples and Demos for Solarflare AOE Platforms:

Coming Soon!